Emergency in Thailand: Thousands in Peril



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Team at work in Thailand


Dog Profile: Juno
Two Thailand Dogs Seeking a Forever Home in the U.S. 
Crisis Relief: Dogs and Cats Get a Helping Hand in Thailand


Our team is traveling to Phuket and Bangkok to treat and save animals rescued from flood waters, including these pictured here. For weeks after the initial flooding Soi Dog Foundation worked tirelessly to rescue and shelter animals in immediate life-threatening danger.  It’s been a huge undertaking and volunteers on the front lines of this disaster are exhausted.   Funds are running seriously low.  Relief is desperately needed – they need our help urgently.

We’ll be reporting from the worst hit areas in Thailand to show you the dire situation animals are still facing and what needs to be done.  Each surviving animal has a special story.  Each one needs our help.  You and our other loyal supporters are the critical factor to our success.   Please donate today to help the animals in Thailand and ensure we can respond to other devastating crisis in the future.


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