Through our Animal Shelter Support initiatives, SPCA International sends needed aid to shelters throughout the United States and around the world. Through donations of supply aid and cash grants, SPCA International’s Shelter Support initiatives include nominating an animal Shelter of the Week, general shelter assistance and emergency grants. These initiatives help local animal shelter organizations continue their incredible work in times of crisis and celebrate their success and dedication to saving animals in their area.

In 2012, SPCA International refocused the Shelter grants program to direct more attention to animal shelters in crisis in the United States and worldwide. Local animal organizations face crisis every day due to unexpected operations expenses from a variety of causes like an influx of injured or neglected animals, natural disasters, funding shortages or emergency medical needs.

We encourage you to participate by Nominating a Shelter in your area today. (Shelter Grant Criteria)

For more information on Emergency Grants click here.

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