Barty :: 7 years old :: Male :: Large size

Barty is a handsome 7 year old neutered male dog from the streets of Baghdad. He was well very well cared for all his life which has made him into one of the sweetest dogs. His current owner says he gives smiles when he greets you and enjoys belly rubs and being outdoors. Barty would do best in a home with no cats as he has not been exposed to them, but he gets along fine with other dogs. He also is used to a lot of space so a large fenced in yard would be best. Please email if you're interested in giving this beauty a home!

Tiga :: 2 years old :: Male :: Large size

Tiga was found after he had been hit by a car in the streets of Thailand. Although he was dragging his hind legs at first, he has slowly started to walk again! Tiga is good with cats and dogs and loves human attention, though he is a little shy at first. Tiga has the opportunity to live out the life he deserves with a family in North America starting in February 2015 . Two separate flight volunteers have offered to take Tiga to the U.S. or Canada when they fly home from Thailand. Are you that special family who could care for him? Adoption Application



Sandy :: 4 years old :: Female :: Mixed Breed :: Medium size

Sandy is a very kind and energetic young female waiting for her forever home in the U.S. She is currently with an all volunteer group in Russia.She loves long walks and gets along well with other dogs. Scratch her belly and she will be the happiest dog on earth! Contact Lisa at Let's Help Together for more information here.


Sweetie :: 1.5 years old :: Female :: Sheltie Mix Medium Size :: Disabled

Sweetie was hit by a train when she was younger and sadly lost use of her hind end, but that doesn’t stop her from getting around! She is an extraordinarily gentle and loving dog who really needs a caring home. She loves to go for strolls in her wheelchair and would make a wonderful companion. Contact Lisa at Let's Help Together for more information here.


Lucky :: 5-7 months old :: Male :: Alsatian Shepherd :: Large size (expected)

Lucky is an extraordinary handsome puppy with the most expressive eyes. He got the name "Lucky" because he was saved from an abusive home and now he is waiting for his forever family. Give him love and Lucky will be your loyal and gentle friend for life. Contact Lisa at Let's Help Together for more information here.


Red :: Between 4-5 years old :: Male :: Mixed Breed :: Medium size

Red is a playful and energetic young dog who is waiting for the right family to welcome him in. Found with a injury to his paw, he has learned to trust and love humans with all his heart. Contact Lisa at Let's Help Together for more information here.


Gina :: Between 6-7 years old :: Female :: Medium size

This fuzzy girl is described as a gift to everyone who crosses her path. Gina will be your best companion wherever you go. She is affectionate yet calm, so don't expect her to be jumping all over you. If you need a best friend – Gina is waiting for you to take her home! Contact Lisa at Let's Help Together for more information here.


Mr. White :: Between 6-7 years old :: Mixed Breed :: Small size :: Disabled

This adorable little guy is very active. He loves to run, play and gets along well with other dogs. Saved from a dog hunter in Russian, Mr. White lives a full life despite the fact that he only has one eye. He is described as the ultimate good fellow by volunteers and is anxiously awaiting his new home. Contact Lisa at Let's Help Together for more information here.


Rex :: 4-5 years old :: Male :: Mixed Breed :: Medium size
Rex was used as a  watchdog until he fell ill. His former owners refused to look after him when he developed an issue with his pancreas and liver. Now that Rex is all healthy, he is ready to live out the life he always dreamed of. Rex would love a home with other dogs, children and even cats too! Contact Lisa at Let's Help Together for more information here.


Dobra: 4 years old :: Male :: Mixed Breed :: Medium size
Dobra was born in Guatemala in October 2011. She is extremely friendly and loves to have company. Weighing in at about 45lbs, she is considered a medium sized dog. Dobra deserves a loving forever home with room to play. She will be your loyal companion if you welcome her in to your life. If you would like to learn more about Dobra please contact Animal AWARE in Guatemala.


Chin Chin: 2 years old :: Male :: Husky Mixed Breed :: Large size
Chin Chin is fully of personality! Born in Guatemala in March 2013, he's one of Animal AWARE's favorite residents. He is silly, very silly, and absolutely LOVES people. When he arrived at the shelter he had sarcoptic mange, but after treatment he is totally cured! Chin Chin will light up any home and be your best friend, but he has a husky's energy so we are looking of an energetic family with plenty of space. If he sounds like the perfect fit for your pack, please contact Animal AWARE to learn more.

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