Dokey :: between 3-5 years old :: Male :: Part Spaniel, Mixed Breed :: Medium size

Dokey is a sweet, lovable pup who needs a good home. He is a resident at Animal AWARE in Guatemala. He is mild-mannered, affectionate and gentle even as his fellow bunk mates jump and bark around him. Dokey is a well deserving animal who simply wants a couch for comfy sleeping, a full food bowl, a yard for some playtime and a family to love him. Contact Animal AWARE to Adopt this Pup!


Fernanda :: between 1-3 years old :: Female :: Mixed Breed :: Large size

This blond beauty was left abandoned, tied to the gate at Animal AWARE, a shelter in the hills above Guatemala City. The volunteers at AWARE have come to love this pup for her gentle demeanor and friendship. She is a sweetheart who is perfectly suited for a good and loving home in the U.S. Contact Animal AWARE to Adopt this Pup!


Amy :: about 1 year old :: Female :: Mixed Breed :: Small to Medium size

Amy was found on one of our first days at Dog Condo, in Thailand. Amy was starving and completely submissive. Unfortunately, her gentle nature meant that other dogs in the facility wouldn't allow her to eat and so she survived on excrements and whatever kibble of food that was left on the ground. As soon as we got her out of there her whole demeanor shifted, her tail began to wag and her eyes began to sparkle. Now at a foster home in the U.S., Amy would make a wonderful forever addition to any family. Adopt this Pup!


Chaing Mai :: About 2 years old :: Female :: Mixed Breed :: Medium size

Chaing Mai loves to follow you around and remind you that she is there by giving you little kisses on your hands, or bear feet. She is an incredibly loyal dog who needs a family that will give her the love she so desperately wants and deserves. She has had a rough life and her poor little torn ears and scars on her body will give you some insight into her history. She is great with other dogs and does not show any signs of food aggression. This little girl will capture your heart the moment you meet her! Adopt this Pup!



Thai :: 2 years old :: Male

Thai is a sweet two year old neutered male  who was rescued as a young pup from an overcrowded shelter in Thailand.  Thai is good with other animals and likes children too. He loves getting cuddles, playing with his toys and a handful of Honey Nut Cheerios before he goes to sleep!

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