SPCA International realizes that the important services offered by any nonprofit organization are Spca_07.pngperformed by a league of committed volunteers.  These dedicated individuals make a difference for both people and animals every day.  We applaud you for your interest in volunteering! Here are some ways you can help out:

How You Can Help SPCA International Reach More Animals and People


Calling all Volunteers in New York City!

Become an ambassador for animals all over the world. SPCA International is looking for dedicated volunteers to raise awareness for our mission of “advancing the safety and well-being of animals” in New York City.

Volunteer a few hours of your time per week to spread the word about our life saving programs. Engage supporters andmeet new people who care about animal welfare as much as you do!

This is the perfect volunteer opportunity if you’re outgoing, love speaking with people and want to become more involved with animal related issues.

Please contact us at answers@spcai.org for more information on how you can become a volunteer with SPCA International.

Foster Care Volunteer

SPCA International receives regular requests from individuals who need foster care for all different types of animals.  This may be due to a family illness, a temporary change in living arrangements or military deployment.  During a disaster people are often desperate for a safe place to keep their animals when forced to evacuate.  The need for a foster home may be for several weeks or months.  When a foster home is available, it means an individual will not be forced permanently to give up a beloved companion.  Animals remain in the general vicinity of their permanent home so that when possible, their pet parent may visit them.  Learn More!

Volunteer Locally (if you don’t live in New York City)

Local humane societies, SPCAs, shelters and rescue groups all need your help.  We greatly encourage you to sign up to volunteer at an animal welfare organization in your area.  Many of these groups run entirely on volunteer time.  Your help can make a huge difference for these local groups and for every single animal they protect.

Every SPCA, humane society, local shelter and rescue group is individually operated with its own volunteer policies and procedures.  We suggest you search online to find shelters and rescue groups near you.  Remember, the one that appears at the top of the search list probably gets the most help, so if you keep searching down the list, you can probably find a local organization in dire need of assistance.

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